Friday Nite Poetry: More Than A Mile


I don’t mean to pick on the guys who do that whole “Mile in Her Shoes” thing where the boys get out and walk in heels for a mile as a show of solidarity but really, it’s a pretty shallow show of support. I mean, thanks for the effort and all, but really, all we want is for you to think a little. Oh, and talk, with each other, a lot, about this kind of stuff. Of course the second poem could be for both men and women who are child free by choice, but that shit comes down more on the ladies than men.

P(rize/risoner) Of War

A few seconds of terror
that is all
round the corner
out of sight now
and the growling of predators
in hard hats
and backwards baseball caps
recedes behind you

The gauntlet you walk
every day
the path blazed through enemy territory
sortie after sortie
into their hands
hands you pray
to any goddess willing to listen
stay beyond arm’s length
the challenge to be strong
but not too strong
because those same goddesses know what wrath
awaits you if you growl back

One block
then the next
the same mission
and battle fatigue sets in
but still you make your way
because what choice do you have anyway

Not this time
not today
not tonight
please not anytime
your cadence you call
in the back of your brain
to keep you marching

Not tonight
not today
not this time
you whisper thankfully
as your door closes behind you
and kiss the collaborator goodnight

We Have Such Plans For You

give it time
you will learn to want it
this badge of burden and honor
that everyone else wears like battle scars
sharing their amusing anecdotes of life behind the lines
of the play pen

We try
so very hard
to not be angry with your selfishness
your stubborn insistence that you can be more
than a walking and talking incubator for our hopes
or the path our bronze age edicts has mapped for you
before you were born

Just Who
do you think you are
with your dreams of accomplishment
how dare you forego a destination so beloved
just because you think you know better than we do
with your past times and charities and exotic vacations
you vile hedonist

You act like
your life belongs to you
and not the expectations of society
your friends
and gods


Club House

Can’t take the hint
why should I
just because they decide
my work is worth less
my ideas worth less
my needs worth less
my very being worth less
than the least of them

They try to scare me off
with threats of deprivation
with a culture that celebrates
being them and not me
with art that appreciates
everything masculine
and deprecates
everything feminine

There is grudging acceptance
if I act enough like them
if I grab myself and spit
and curse
and mock
and kick
anything not them
if I become them
just enough
they won’t kick me out
even if they don’t let me in


What do you think?

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