New Poem: In The Eye


Sometimes I find it harder to cope with how people treat each other than how they treat me. I make no grand claim to being exceptionally empathic (that is my kid brother) still I feel myself triggered whenever the fighting starts.

In The Eye

Naked in the wind
I have no place to hide
no storm cellar
to protect me from what is coming

Summer skies go dark
hail tumbles toward the ground
pelting my pink flesh
but that is not the worst

That is yet to come

I watch in horror
twister upon twister
forming in competition
circling around me

This is not pack of beasts
no hungry carnivores
seeking nourishment
from everything they consume

No this is mad rage
this is violence for the sake of
tearing the landscape
and everything upon it

The pacing path they take
is almost an accident
I am of no particular note
to these forces of nature

At least that is the image
they want to present
benign neglect
as deliberate act

They savage everything but me
tearing trees and houses
into a million pieces
sharp and cruel shrapnel

I am not destroyed
but am flayed raw
by the damage done
in this mindless display

I am wounded by my neighbor’s deaths
crippled in the constant storm
left homeless and hopeless
in the eye


What do you think?

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