Garage Dreams


The first hour sucks, it always does. Kent knows this and has just learned to accept it so he leans back against the wall and puts his feet on either side of his bass as he scratches his head with his drumsticks. Grant, the vocalist, and Mickey, the lead guitarist are arguing over what songs to rehearse. As he looks past them, out into his driveway, Kent wonders why they take it so seriously. He sure doesn’t and listening to  Shannon, the rhythm guitarist, and the bass player who prefers to be addressed as Prikfer happily debate which Voltron was cooler he figures they don’t either.

It isn’t until his roomies get back from work that his band mates finally figure out what they are going to do and can get into it. It has been decided none of their original pieces are ready yet and it is not like Sunday night is going to be a pay gig anyway. Grant isn’t happy about it, but he will live. He goes out to his station wagon quick to grab his keyboard to set up. He hates playing it, but they have decided on a set full of Faith No More and he does sing a little like Mike, at least in his head.

They get through two songs, Shannon feeling like a fifth wheel but he can’t play keyboards and he sure as hell can’t keep up with Mickey, so he ends up sitting it out. Grant scowls and looks at his fingers like he wants to cut them off, obviously not happy with his playing, that is when Kent suggests Prikfer’s little sister could play for them, she’s really good. He means the compliment but Prikfer snarls that she is only sixteen and Kent needs to stop being a perv and the matter is settled.

He leans into his kit through five more songs, stopping when they have to figure out what they are getting wrong. Shannon sulks and Kent pats him on the back and reminds him it is just until they can perfect their own songs and can get paid to play. That seems to please the guitarist enough and they continue and finish the night playing a couple of their own for his roomies and the old lady living downstairs. Calling it a night they pack up, grab a thirty rack, and head to the apartment.



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