New Poem: Under Siege

On top of everything else I get to deal with, every June, when I want to stand side by side with the rest of the community, they get particularly aggressive about shutting  we trans folk up. Please, gay, white male friends do not send me your complaints of “not all gay, white men,” because I, like so many after the shooting two weeks ago and the blowback from it, have had a belly full of “not all” anything. The simple fact of the matter is we trans folk feel like we are living life under siege, and we are about done with it.

Breaking The Siege

Lines of supply
burned right in front of me
you build the walls
to confine my identity

Force me inside
force me out of sight
force me to the cellar
that’ll be your delight

Raise up your towers
and fuel fires of insanity
draw your picket lines
to deny my humanity

A death like silence
during day’s light
followed by terror
in the middle of the night

I open the gates
to ride out and be free
I’ll break the siege
just you wait and see


What do you think?

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