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And of course the really, really cool kids will buy one or more of my books (with maybe copies to give away as gifts.) C’mon support a struggling artist you know you want to. I have three books for sale: two books of poetry and one book of flash fiction.

Ego Codex: This is my freshman effort. Simple rhyme and verse but about almost every topic imaginable, well, every topic imaginable that will fit in around 70 pages of poetry. Some fun stuff in here that you will be sorry you missed.

Drawing Lines: My second book of poetry, I break out a bit with this, concentrating on matters of social, especially economic, justice. Good book to get pumped up before that rally.

Candids: My latest effort. This is all flash fiction. All but one are 400 words or less. Let me give you a glimpse of how wonderful the most mundane lives can be.

So there ya go, help a girl out. If you can’t buy one, and really, think about the stuff that you will spend money on that is nowhere near as cool as some of the creative writing you have read here, then give other folks the chance to by spreading the word.

Pax et Amor;


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