Dear Bigots

Of all stripes. Be you racists, homophobes, transphobes or sexists. I just want you to know; it will be all right. You don’t have to be afraid.
You see, as the world changes and your ideas are gradually exposed for the anachronistic and hurtful devices they are as systems of oppression break down all around you and you no longer have that privilege you rely so much on, and as we all find our strength and stand for ourselves and each other, we will not treat you as you treated us.

We will not sit by as you are murdered and suggest you deserved it. Likewise any violence visited against you. We will not deny you employment unless you show (which too many of you have) that your bigotry will affect your decision-making. We will not erase the straight, white, cis male from our media, making him the butt of jokes or the villain if we bother mentioning him at all. We will not suggest that if he is living in poverty, that it is something inherent about his whiteness, maleness, straightness that causes that. We will not hound you out of public spaces, create unsafe environments or pass laws denying you access to government.

We will not do any of those things, or the dozens upon dozens of others, you have visited upon us because we know how much it hurts. The vast majority of us would be heartbroken to see another human being suffer as we have. So in this scary time for you, as you see that the armor you have been allowed to craft from the pain of your brothers and sisters is being stripped from you, and understandably fear finally being exposed like the rest of us, know we got your back, even if you never had ours.

The Rest of Us


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