Friday Nite Poetry: The Little Hurts

I hate seeing other people have bad days. More than anything I wish I could take all the hurt out of the world. I know that is not possible, but I wish I could give a little peace to those around me, especially those I know have earned it. I watched a really cool, kind, and smart coworker have one of those days today. She doesn’t deserve how I could tell she felt when she left, and I hope her day went better when she got home. This one is for her.

The Swarm

It starts with the buzz
a little thing
curious and harmless
in your ear
maybe even a bit welcome
for the break in the monotony
it provides

Before long though
it is two
then three
then twenty
and they choke the air around you
drowning the hours
in one sting
after another
one request
after another

Relentless in their appetite
they drink you dry
the petty little bugs
never giving you a rest
stealing the strength from your limbs
from your heart
from your mind
stealing your peace

Do not give it up
that peace
do not give more than you have

You have earned it
day after day
bite after bite
giving your lifeblood to the swarm
and they can wait a little longer
they will be hungry tomorrow
they can wait that long
they can wait as long as you like

You are more than what they need of you
You are your wants and needs as well
a person whole
and not just a trough
for the endless line of feeders

You can take too
you can take your time
take your space
take your peace
and claim it
you belong to you
and no other
you can take yourself


What do you think?

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