Greece NY, The Senate, and Christianist Lies

“If it is not safe for all religions to be expressed in this country why should I expect my religion to be protected?”

 Presbyterian Minister Aaron Doll


Pastor Doll makes a really good point here. It is a point made in response to this 2012 video which taken with the recent Town of Greece v. Galloway decision handed down by the Supreme Court paints a very ugly picture of the state of Separation of Church and State. Christianists want to get us to believe that their faith is under assault when in reality they want to continue their attack on all other beliefs (or lack there of.)

“Christianist”: it is a word you rarely see. The folks at Fox news like to toss out Islamist a lot. Occasionally we discuss the “Christian Right” but that makes them sound like a demographic. For some I suppose this is true, but we cannot ignore that so many of them do not simply want to believe what they believe, and work from the mistaken notion that those beliefs should inform policy, but want to make their “faith” policy. They want a theocracy, of, by, and for their very narrow definition of “Christian.”

More and more people are calling them out. Fellow Christians, whose faith, of course, the Christianists have to question, are tired of hearing about the “war on Christmas,” and the “war on Easter,” two holidays our public schools schedule week-long vacations around, and that enjoyed a preferred place in our cultural landscape. Other Christians, people of other faiths, and non believers are all fed up with lies claiming that children are not allowed to pray in our pubic schools, lies told every time a child fights for their right not to be “led” in prayer by an adult at school.

They lie and tell us we are a Christian nation, despite the fact that the plurality of the Founders (and any of them most can name) were not Christian, and the ones that were hardly saw eye to eye on their faith. They lie and tell us that the Constitution of the United States does not contain the phrase “separation of church and state” even though the only way to read “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion” and not understand it that way is if you lack proper training in reading comprehension (for whatever reason) or are lying. They lie when they say we have always been a church going people despite peaks and valleys in attendance with the average being less than half.

Christianists lie when they tell us they only want their religion to be respected when in fact they want only their religion respected. They lie often, and they lie well. They lie when they say we, the non believing, want to shut them up, when in fact we, along with many of their Christian brethren, only want them to share the microphone. They equate not being able to harass people with oppression and the very existence of difference as harassing them.

They lie because they know they have no argument, not even within the confines of their own holy book. All they have is the lie and the noise, and now the very body built to defend us from the lie has given it weight. I am not a pessimist, quite the opposite. I suspect that this court ruling has caught the attention of non-believers and believers alike who will be burned in Christianist fires, probably metaphorical ones but lets not dismiss the notion of literal, if these lying theocrats get their way. We are all of us becoming more aware, which is why Christianists reject Christianity (Matthew 6:6) and the Constitution. They need that upper hand, and they need it now, but we will not give it to them. They have left us, with their lies, and their desperation to protect their privileged place in society, vigilant. They announced themselves and now we know what to look out for. We lost ground on this but we will dig in and gain so much more, and hopefully the Christianists will wake up and listen, they will really hear themselves, and us, and learn, before we lose our way once and for all.


2 thoughts on “Greece NY, The Senate, and Christianist Lies

  1. Most of these people brandish their religion as a weapon in a fight to maintain hegemony. I’ve been told it is “disturbing” that I question the veracity of the Bible. No. What’s disturbing is not questioning it.

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