Friday Nite Poetry: More Road Trippin’

One of the nice things about not driving, maybe the only nice thing but man it is nice, is that while someone else is busy paying attention to the road, you can pay attention to everything else. There are worlds to be seen even in your own geographical backyard, and words upon words to share about them.

Daughters of Dionysus

Grey-brown vines
reaching into the air
and turning
like emaciated
erotic dancers

Naked and shameless
they wait for the rain
in the open air
patient in their repose

Slowly the sun
and summer
will dress them
lush and sensual
in green
and purple night gowns

Then they will wait
for the dawn to catch up
with the dusk
waiting to be disrobed
in an orgy on our tongues
and an erratic dance in our brains


What do you think?

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