Poetry Month Celebration Day 23

So Hand of Ananke’s first celebration of National Poetry Month is over. I hope you all enjoyed it. I cannot wait for next year. I finish off with a poem about the work I have done with some amazing people. I know a lot of folks of all political persuasions roll their eyes at actual activists, and sometimes that is depressing, but we won’t stop fighting for you no matter what. Who knows maybe we can even get a few of you to howl.

Bad Dog

Pacing the fence line
alert and menacing
I watch for the men
the invaders
coming in broad day light
to steal your life
your light
and your hope
selling you false bliss
with liar’s smiles
and market studies

I snarl as they approach
and they think they can pat me on my head
and send me on my way
but I snap
snap with gleaming teeth
and strong  jaws
I growl
and howl
and bark
hoping to give them pause
and occasionally it works

Not often
and that agitates me so much more
keeping my spine ready to spring
to jump into action
and leap for their throats
before they reach out for yours

You think I’m a bad dog
and you may be right
but I am your dog
whether you see it or not
and the smiling liars know


What do you think?

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