Poetry Month Celebration Day 21

Some people end their day with some easy listening. Maybe Jazz, maybe folk, but they just want to wind down. I can get that I guess. For my part I like to wake myself up before going to bed. I usually have no problem actually falling to sleep (caffeine is usually the culprit when I do) and at least it gives me some interesting dreams.

Silicon Organ

I cage the beat in my skull
rhythm built with ones and zeroes
and I hold on to it
squeezing it until it bursts
in a dance of ambitious creativity

Late night rambling
trying to make sense of the day
but I drown those worries out on purpose
silencing them behind a wall of electronic symphonies
turning them into a whisper
no longer a threat to my fragile sanity

The tempo is just frantic enough
the peaks and valleys of noise
diverse enough
to stimulate a lazy cortex
to shake loose the pesky idea
gripping the neuron tight
afraid to come into the world

A pulsing prayer for pugnacity
an oath to war gods old and new
to step into the light
and into the fight
to sharpen words
better than spears
and plunge them into the heart of lie

Long and lonely tones
intros and fade outs
drum machines
these are my drug of choice
at the end of the day
the one that stirs memories
instead of burying them

No peaceful dreams for me
but that is OK
peace is complacency
and these bards of the computer age
sing the apathy right out of me


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