Poetry Month Celebration Day 18

I cannot be the first to make this comparison, but I try to do it in my way. In the past our “betters” have held information from us to keep us ignorant. For the last thirty or so years, however (you don’t really believe it started with Facebook, do you) they have managed this goal doing the exact opposite. They hide the truth in plain sight, force feeding us so much information we do not know where to begin. It’s OK though, because just like withholding bites them in the ass when we get sick of it, so will this. We are smarter than they think.

Interrupting This Program

Plato would be amused I think
the world turning his thought experiment
on its head

We are no longer living in the cave
no sir

Instead we have had our shackles shattered
and been dragged into the larger world
and forced to see the light
all of it
all at once

Eyes pried open by greedy fingers
new knowledge poured into our cortex
minute after minute
hour after hour
day after day
and we just cannot keep up

We still only see the shadow puppets
now in bright colors on LCD and plasma screens
truth diluted by the endless barrage
minds carefully dulled
by the slow burn of sensation

They have to be careful though
sooner or later that slow burn can turn into a fire
one that may just fuel us
may just clean away the useless trash
piled in the corners of our mind
by their inside out cave

Plato may just have the last laugh yet
as we step out of the cave
and into each other
and send the puppeteers packing


What do you think?

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