Poetry Month Celebration Day 16

A little Earth Day poetry for you. It makes me sad how so many of our fellow travelers stick their heads in the sand. We are killing ourselves and making the world a less beautiful place in the process.  She has taken care of all her kids for almost 4 billion years and us for 200,000 (2 million if you count ALL hominids.) Good children take care of their parents in their dotage.

Baby Bath

Rain slaps incessantly on the pavement
I watch from the window
through a dirty screen
of course remembering what today is

Some may say she is crying
Mother Earth
wounds dug deep in her flesh
her breath choked out of her
filled with poison
and her great womb
the oceans
drained of their nourishment
and filled with ancient
and the chemicals we need to grab it

It is entirely natural to assume then
that she weeps
for herself
and for us
for our insistence to make her inhospitable
our suicidal tendencies on display
not just in our actions
but our casual
fatalistic denials

What else could she be doing

Except maybe trying to scrub herself clean
it is bath time
time to show her beauty
by slipping into the silver-grey veil
of a spring shower
remind us who she is
and why we love her

Love from the heavens
life-giving water just appearing to us
a token of her care
and her need
a plea perhaps to treat her and ourselves
just a little kinder
like a mother
a real one
running that washcloth over her infant

Raindrops on the windowsill play a lullaby
and she sings us to sleep
to dream of what she was
and may still be
to dream of what we are
and may still be

She has built us the perfect cradle
circling in the sweet spot
not too warm
not too cold
just enough water
and all the right baby food

She even cleans up after us
as best she can

We have to grow up though
we are making too big mess
and before long we will suffocate in it
and likely
like all kids
blame mom in the process


What do you think?

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