Poetry Month Celebration Day 15

Lightening up a bit today. Yesterday turned out not so bad. Who knows what will come today? Maybe it will suck. Maybe it will be great. It’s gonna happen either way, might as well find out. Meanwhile, yeah, sorry, but I will be back on track for Red Hot Aether, Zaphyr and Zox, and Book of Doors tomorrow. Promise.

Momentum by the Damn

I lose myself in the cool breeze
sitting in the sun along the riverfront
somehow managing to ignore the racket
from the 490

Life in my hometown is a roller coaster
but hey
you can say that about life anywhere
so why not just let it be here

I won’t though
I cannot sit still
never have
never will
ask my family

Fidgety fussbudget
feet on the wall
in the air
needing to be in motion
even while sitting still
in the gentle wind
and dandelion seeds

I get lost
and caught
kind of
watching a spider spin his web
in the railing by the water
a safety device turned into a trap

Not for me though
it is a curiosity and soon I will move on
to another neighborhood
another site
another town
another frame of mind

For now I will wander in place
for now I will create the road
pave the path in words and ideas
and just flow with the Genessee
to the Lake and beyond


What do you think?

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