Poetry Month Celebration Day 13

Getting this one in kind of last-minute, at least on the East Coast. It has been a long day full of distractions. Maybe I will write about that. Anyway sorry about now serials today, but I won’t skip the entries entirely, just delay them a day. Later skaters.

Procrastination Manifesto

I have a hard time deciding
whether I am whimsical
or lazy
or both
or neither

Every decision delayed
every opportunity
becomes a payment
and I am not sure if I can cash that check

The day begins with the choice
get out of bed
or pretend to sleep
even though my mind picks up
where it left off
racing through the possibilities
and having a hard time picking a side

Sometimes I dice with myself
instead of death
even though all the cool writers tell me
that is the way to go

Who am I to argue
except that same petulant bitch
that refused to jump through her hoops
and the path to freedom

Caged in the open air
spoiled for choice and never figuring it out
my head is my prison
and my playground
and don’t you wish you could spend a little time
checking out the fun house mirrors within

You can’t though
any more than I can
we just have to wait it out
and see what doesn’t happen


What do you think?

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