Poetry Month Celebration Day 11

Soooooo… some schmaltzy stuff for you today. What do you expect? You got a week and a half without it and should be grateful! 😉
This is for you, I suspect you know who you are.

The Revelation

I’d give anything for you
to see in me
what I see in you

A place of comfort
a source of counsel
someone to escape to
when the world is too cruel to bear

Just the possibility
of your arms around me
however remote
gives my heart ease
something it sorely lacks

It is enough
I can live with the dream of it
and know that it is not satisfaction
but realization
when I know the sort of love you bare me
is exactly the kind I need

We will never be lovers
and in a strange way that makes me happy
you have afforded me a place
in your heart just as valid as your place in mine
granting me your confidence
understanding the paths I walk
making me see me in a way
that I know I can be loved

I will take this cup you have given me
and fill it to over flowing
I will pass it around to share as it should be
I will spread the gift you give so freely
to water the barren lands in lonely hearts
I will show others what you have shown me
that they are beautiful
that they are strong
and they are holy in every sense of the word


What do you think?

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