Poetry Month Celebration Day 10

The generation gap is nothing new, and it is going nowhere anytime soon. Every one of us thinks we are going to solve the problems left by those before us, and we all think we are so much more clever than those younger. My generation, Generation X, is really no better or worse that way, but I occasionally like having my fun with them. 

More or Less “Grunge”

Early twenties spent dreaming
of living in the land of endless fog and rain
wailing with Eddie and Kurt
two sides
of two very different coins
thrown in the same purse

We sit back and ride the wave
of our passion for apathy
our delusions of mediocrity
and ennui born from a lack of ambition

Solving the worlds problems
over coffee and cannabis
and spilling ink
because there was no bandwidth then
on page
after page
of self-absorbed free verse

We were going to be the first generation
to have it worse than our parents
at least that is what we told ourselves
before the Millenials became eager for that claim
children of the Dust Bowl be damned

So damned sure we discovered
and rock and roll
we wandered from one house party
to the next
in a giggling
but somehow sullen

All grown up
with no place to go
caught in the middle
kind of like in that song
by Stealers Wheel
which we felt so clever  recognizing in Reservoir Dogs
like it was ours and not our parents
caught  without an identity
lost in the gap
and maybe
just maybe
moving on


What do you think?

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