Poetry Month Celebration Day 9

I am not a Gaea worshiper. I am not a worshiper of any kind, that just is not my deal. That said, there is great beauty to be found in those sort of ideas, and in the natural world in general. The universe is the greatest musician, for those who want to pay attention.

Zephyr The Bow

The wind howls across the plains
playing the grass like a vast
a device grown not made
to be listened to with the will and patience to hear

It rushes over water adding dance
and percussion
to the symphony it creates
the ageless pattern composed by
and moon
with heat
and tidal force
the wide invisible bow over the strings of the world

It whistles through our towers
creating a brief noise
a sour and sweet note in its long history
that will be forgotten before the movement is done

Play ever over us
ever-present air
play for us
play despite us
play just to play
as you have for
four billion years


What do you think?

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