Poetry Month Celebration Day 4

I wrote the other day about coping. Some days it is easier than others, which is why it is so important to know you have someone, and if you don’t know, identify that someone, who you can lean on. I have been so very fortunate to have a small army of people for that. This is for one of them.

Bottoming Out in the North Towns

I collapsed

That is all

I lay in the grass
when I should have been working
and undercut
by the army of naysayers
that summer day

I was ready to pack it in
the weight I put on my back
added to the load forced on me
and all I wanted to do was drop it
and walk away

But I didn’t
I just crumpled under it all
staring up at the sky
through a teary haze
my heart imploding
my soul an event horizon
sucking in all light
and making it disappear

Then you showed up
harried and hurried
and overburdened  yourself
and I hated myself a little
for adding to your work
giving you one more worry
just one more person
I disappointed

But you never said that
you let me collapse
and told me it was all right
you let me breath
when I could not
and let the moment pass
and that was less
and therefore more
than anyone had done before

So now I carry what I can
and I do it smarter
and it started there
on a hot summer day
in Tonawanda
with a little patience
a little caring
and a gentle reminder
that I am not alone
in more way than one


What do you think?

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