April is National Poetry Month!

So, yeah, bit late to this one. You may remember I did the same with my Gratitude Challenge back in November. I procrastinate, it is what I do. Be thankful you do not have to look under my bed. That said: It’s Poetry Month! OK, being a bit weird with this when you consider that until my boss at Lift Bridge Book Shop asked me to organize an event I didn’t even know there was a such thing as National Poetry Month. That’s a bit embarrassing for a self-described poet, so I decided to make up for it by organizing five events this month. No biggy, little stress for myself at the beginning, but it is all falling together now.

Which is great because poetry needs to be celebrated. As I said to the audience before the first reading, writers of prose (and I am one of those too) take words and use them like paint. Sometimes they mix them together in interesting new ways, sure, but they are creating a picture for  you. Poets are sculptors. They twist words, and form, and grammar, and give you something entirely new. They give you new ways to look at words, which means they give you a new way to look at the world.

I wish I had known about National Poetry Month years ago. I would have been celebrating every year. I did not though, so I guess I will have to go all in now. Every day this month I will give you a new poem. That’s a bit of pressure so I cannot promise they will touch the work of Maya Angelou or Pound’s Cantos but I’ll try. I hope you all do too. Not necessarily every day, but go for it. If you don’t normally write poetry put some verse together at least once this month. Keep it to yourself, or share it with your friends. Just write it, though. Create new ideas for old words and redefine your world, if just a little bit. And read poetry, lots of it… especially mine. 😉


What do you think?

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