Friday Nite Poetry: Extra Edition

So listening to Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” has me waxing romantic. I may only inflict one or two sappy poems on you.

Haley’s Comet

You dive into my life
every so often
all fire and passion and spectacle
drawing my attention
dragging me along for a ride
across the lonely sky

It is a rare treat
each and every time
a celebration
even though I pretend it is no big deal

The brightest star in my heavens
you steal a piece of me
and occasionally the peace of me
stirring my soul
raising me up
and casting me down
though you never know
how can you
as determined in your path as you are

A path that drags us into the bright sun
and around
as you display for me the vast spectacle
of our worlds

Your visit never lasts as long as I like
just a quick trip through the center of my universe
and out into the nether again
where I cannot follow
rooted as I am to my place

But I will wait
I know you will circle back
and take me for a ride
shining once more for me
however briefly
in our strange orbits


What do you think?

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