Aint Globalization Grand?

Us hippy types have a dream. We dream of one world. No more borders defended by corrupt governments who send young men off to die for them. No more being kept separate from one another to make it easier to other each other and to make us willing to do the bidding of our “leaders.” We dream of a human race unified and look out into the future and into the worlds we can explore, beyond and within our Mother Earth, together. That dream has been turned into a nightmare by our corporate overlords.

As I write this good people are protesting and fighting the implementation of the Trans Pacific Partnership. Like NAFTA before it the trade agreement will shrink our tax revenues and ship jobs oversees to protect the profits of corporations unwilling to pay a living wage or abide by safety and environmental regulations. It will make social, economic, and environmental disasters in nations willing to sell out their people in the interest of joining the so-called developed world.

People like Thomas Friedman have been selling us on this for years. They have appealed to Democrats who desperately want to have a seat at the big table and still somehow be true to the ideas of their youth. This is a group of willfully blind hypocrites led by opportunistic monsters. Yes, I said “monster,” because that is what you have to be to think your luxury and comfort is more important than the lives of people half a world away and the misery of your countrymen. It is what you are when you believe the rights of abstract legal entities are more important than our species’ continued existence.

When I first heard the word “globalization” many years ago, I was hopeful. I saw us breaking down barriers to work toward common interest. I saw opportunities for impoverished people, and naively believed that the political party here that ostensibly is the party of the oppressed would make sure there would be safe guards to protect the poor here and there. I was so very stupid.

No, to them the only unity that is important is sharing the spoils with their friends no matter where those spoils are to be harvested. They do see one world, a world full of wage and even, despite our collective willing ignorance, chattel slaves. They see us all us one, big crop ripe for the picking, and just enough of us are just comfortable enough that we are willing to let it happen. Years, or maybe decades from now, when the consequences are obvious, those same comfortable people will be looking for someone to blame, and I wonder, with a little fear, just where they will look.


What do you think?

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