Friday Nite Poetry: Where am I going?

Not quite sure where I am going with it this week. Obviously I am writing as I go  here, but usually I have a bit of an idea what I want to do. Tonight is different. Tonight I am going in blind, so I hope you like it. One little reminder: Ego Codex and Drawing Lines are both available on Kindle, so if the retail price of a book of poetry is too much for you, or you don’t have bookshelves, you can always buy them as e-books from Amazon. Now let us have some verse. 

Speed Limit

Taking my foot off the gas
because I don’t know the speed limit
so it is better to be cautious
better to go too slow
than go too fast

That’s the advice I’ve given myself
for as long as I can remember
always riding the brakes
lest I break something
always erring five
or ten
under what I think the limit is
because I never want to get pulled over

Most of the time
I don’t even get out of the garage
funny how I just sit there
doors open
the trip planned
but I am never sure
if I am invited

So I take it easy
and still drive
with my hazards on
still ride the brakes
because I know
I will break something

I have so many times before

“Good” Friday

It is the wee hours
on Good Friday.


What’s so good about it?

You have already left the building,
but we stick around
like you are still there.
The door is wide open and we can see
you walked out,
but you never said good bye.


What’s so good about it?

I guess you didn’t drag it out
like you always did.
You didn’t leave us
waiting in the car
this time.

You just left us
in the lobby,
in the hallway,
in the doorway,
and outside
as we grabbed a fix
of nicotine
to see us through the awkward conversations
and the grief.

That was on Good Friday
in 2004
and nothing seems good about it
except the forty-nine years of memories
you left us with.


What do you think?

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