First Taste

Her heart races. Hands full of fliers, surrounded by strangers, television cameras off to the side and Simone just wants to see him. He is the reason she came here. He is the reason she made that phone call asking how she could help out with more than just a few bucks. She watched him on YouTube. Listening to his speech she knew that he could make a difference, and through him, she could too.

It is so strange the difference a year makes. In high school things that matter did not matter to her. She wanted her licence, her friends, her boyfriend, good grades to get into a good school so she could get a good job. Whatever that means. Politics was other. It was a strange world filled with people she was told not to trust. Like her parents, her siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles and friends, all she saw was the stage, and like too many, did not care one way or the other.

Then she went to school, in more ways than one. Classes taught her but conversations with her friends educated her. There was a world beyond her immediate needs and it was not what it could be. Sometimes it seemed like it would never be. That was until she  heard him.

So she wanted to help, any way she could. She knocked on doors, held signs at rallies and shouted along with the rest. Letters to the editor poured out of her mind through her fingertips and on to emails. Arguments with her dad got heated, but Simone knew he would understand. This man had woke a sleeping giant inside her, and before long she realized she was not alone.

At the cluttered, cramped campaign headquarters she met so many people. Some just wanted a pay check, some truly believed, and some needed him in office, to fight for them. Regardless of why, they all fought for their man, and it felt good. They were part of something important and Simone was proud, of herself and her new companions.

Some of the people she hands fliers to toss them to the ground. It does not bother her. She was like them once too. A shrug of the shoulders and it is time to move to the next person on the street. They will win, she can feel it, and then, on to the next fight.



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