A Different Kind of Coming Out Story

“That’s nice.” That is all mom said. Lenora chews on that, just a little. She wonders how to interpret it. Months of anxiety, days of worrying leading up to today, and hours, right through dinner, wondering how she and dad would react and all that is said is “that’s nice.” Part of her wants to be angry. She wants to believe they are being dismissive, or smug. She remembers how she could be so, in high school, with her “believer” class mates, and after a while, she just thought that all her fellow atheists just “got it.”

Then she met Jeremy. He turned all her misconceptions about Christians on their heads. His acceptance of her lack of belief, and of others’ beliefs left her without the armor she covered herself in for so long. Days turned to weeks, turned to months and before long she began seeing the world through the same lens he did. She opened her heart and felt the divine love. It did not matter if others felt it. It did not matter how others lived their life. All that mattered was being open to it. Jeremy did not use his faith as a crutch. He never judged, and in fact, was open to all sorts of interpretations of the Bible. To him his faith, all faith, was a deeply personal thing, and while he withheld judgement, as he thought everyone ought to, he was saddened by those who presumed to know the mind and heart of God without opening their minds and hearts.

So she did just that, and felt it. She felt it despite being raised by two atheist parents: her mom the physician, and her dad the philosophy professor. She expected some kind of fight, but instead got “that’s nice.” That, and a discussion, over doing the dishes with dad that everyone has to walk the path that is best for them, so long as they do not hurt anyone else. He said he did not get it, but he did not have to. It was not, he told her, his place to get it. All any of them had to understand is their love for each other. He winked as he demanded to “meet this boy who converted my little girl” before hugging her. Her family loves her no matter what, and Lenora knows that is very nice indeed.


What do you think?

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