Planting The Seed

Truck Stop

Truck Stop (Photo credit: Tommy Ironic)


Michael refuses to cry. He will not give them the satisfaction. He sits in the cruiser with the handcuffs pulling his shoulders back uncomfortably and the knots form in his back screaming at him to cry, but he will not do it. He does that, and they win. All of them. The shop owner that called him in for loitering even though he was just waiting for his friends. The cops win. The lily-white brats from the high-priced housing tracts at the top of the hill. 

No one says anything about the cans of spray paint in their hands. No one will ask if they were the ones who drew the giant dick on the back wall overlooking the trailer park. They only care about the red-brown paint on his skin. Micheal always knew it would be like this. His dad said it is not like that anymore but grand dad, uncle Jamie, everyone else knows. Everyone in the trailer park knows better. Poor is worse than rich, and brown is worse than poor.

It builds up in the Arizona heat, the hate, anger, fear and frustration. It pushes up through his lungs, through his neck and tries to force its way out his eyes but he will not let it.  It is his rage, and he refuses to give it away. He refuses to give in. He will not end up like cousin Jamie Junior in maximum security because he kicked back, because his rage ruled him.

He pushes it down and locks it down. In his head it is something physical and real and he lets it grow in his soul as the cops and shop owner point and laugh. They take their sweet time and it just gets stronger. This cold thing taking root in Michael (not Miguel, because his dad is a self loathing tool) coils around his heart and he grips it tight. He will bide his time. He will be stronger than this.

Then and there, feeling a chill despite the triple digit heat, Micheal makes a decision. He will beat them, beat them all. He will not let them transform him into a stereotype. He will not just be a demographic, forgotten on some PO’s desk. He will be remembered, and they all better pray, when he is done, when his metamorphosis is complete, he is more merciful than them.




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