Happy Arbitrary Marker of Time!

English: The Sun Moon Calender for Century 34 ...

English: The Sun Moon Calender for Century 34 Type 7 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



OK, just to let you all now, the snark in the title is all in good fun. Yes, I do think it is a little silly how excited we get over the last digit on our calendar changing, but really, who can pass down an excuse to party? Or a chance to reflect on our ever-changing lives, and on the things that remain constant. I suppose if nothing else it always makes a good opportunity to reflect on what we would like to do different, hence all those resolutions, and what has led us to where we are now.

It is said that we are the sum of our experiences. Every triumph and tragedy is a sculptors knife, cutting away the rough edges and smoothing us out, or carving deep leaving us with scars. Each year is full of new experiences, even if they seem the like the same old song and dance. Even those trials that never seem to leave us polish the work in progress, the one that will never be done until we draw our final breath. If we are going to be an active participant in that work, we should be aware of what all those moments mean, and what we can and cannot do to change them. Days like today are convenient times to make ourselves aware.

This last year I have let people down and been let down, but I have also come through when I thought I could not and been fortunate to be rescued,again, by those least in a position to. I saw relationships I thought were unchangeable battered to tatters and I have made amazing new friends. I have failed but I have flown. Some of my choices were not really choices and others were ill-considered. Some of them, even the bad ones, I would not change upon pain of death for what they gained me. I have loved without saying, declared love recklessly, and dared rejection despite my long-standing fear of it. I have watched impotently as people I care for suffer, and been offered the opportunity to be a soothing voice and caring ear where I thought I could not be. At the end of it all I feel stronger than ever.

Now is usually the time where the writer would announce some grand intention. I have none, save that I shall endeavor to improve on what I have accomplished this past year. I will be readier to risk, and more cautious when that risk is not merely my own. I will do all I can to knuckle down and go after those goals most important to me. I shall remain in the fight to make the world a kinder place. Most of all I will not simply let myself be shaped by my experience, but rather, I will be the sculptor, as best I can, making those experiences my knife, chisel, and cloth. I will use them to make myself what I want as much as possible. I will be true to the moniker I chose for this site, and be my own Hand of Ananke, and hope you all get the opportunity to be the same.





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