Friday Nite Poetry: On A Wedenesday Morning Because Why the Hell Not

The transgender pride flag

The transgender pride flag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Hello gentle readers. Why not have a Friday Nite on a Wednesday morning? Might as well get this to you now, especially considering all the Friday’s I have missed. Also, it is in honor of my accepting that indeed HoA is a trans blog, even if it does much  more than trans issues. So I give you tonight’s, errrrr, this morning’s poem.

Prancing The Painful Path of Paradox

Walking down the rainy streets
feeling achy and bone tired
waiting for the opportunity
the chance fate will be rewired

But that’s not really it
that’s not the reason I am here
there is no wistful wishing
no magic slippers for this queer

So I keep pacing lonely roads
watching the people peek out their doors
knowing I know all the secrets
that will shake them to their cores

You see they fear to understand
the neighbors they already know
so they wear down their weary shoulders
with the wanton stones they throw

But their ammunition passes through me
because I’m a ghost
I’m a wraith
I’m a sham
their aim is poor
they cannot see
see I live my life on the gender lam

Not a man
not a woman
not a girl
not a boy
I’m all around and in between
I’m here to stay
and I’m here to say
I’m something that cannot be unseen

That’s why I’m marching down the lane
among countrymen quiet and still
you fire aimless not opening your eyes
but I fight so you certainly will

I do to champion myself and my siblings
whose identities you casually refuse
those forced to walk barefoot on broken glass
on pathways you say that we choose

But you’re the ones that paved that road
the one way street leading to perdition
and bark
and bother
and scream
and accuse
when we leave it without your permission

So I dance along the avenue
hoping to force you to observe
and my weary bones ache to know
you’ve seen the broken cause that you serve




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