A Final Armistice in the “War on Christmas?”

Christmas in the post-War United States

Christmas in the post-War United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


It has been quiet on the front lines so far this year. Barely a shot or two from the usual suspects. Oh they like to get their jibes in. They so desperately want to get folks riled up. They want the Christian community to feel under attack. I wish I could say it was for political gain, but it is more cynical than that. Fortunately, I think their target audience is wising up to them.

This year I see more and more posts from family members who used to bemoan the “war on Christmas” exalting in the goodwill any sort of holiday greeting conveys. Maybe my family has just been through too much loss these last few years to continue with the mindless bickering. Maybe they remembered that deep down, despite our differences, we are all basically good, loving people and however we want to express our well wishes is OK with us. I would like, however, to think it is spreading beyond my kin. I see less of the complaining from other conservatives I know.

That is good news on so many levels. First, and obviously foremost, it gives me hope that we can all realize that we are one community of man, and that the fight was a silly one to begin with. Second, and still very important to me, it means a portion of the people who the professional agitators on the right had living in fear have rejected that message. I hope I am correct, because their message is meant to keep us apart, and again, not just because of politics.

The so called culture warriors of the right are an opportunistic bunch. They make a lot of money, mountains of it, keeping their audience frightened of anyone different from them. The piece de resistance of their work has been the conflict they have generated in what is supposed to be a time of hope, renewal and joy. That those they felt confident they could fleece are beginning to reject that particular bit of bile gives me hope that they will reject the rest.

Politics are never going to be all happy-hippy nice, but a key group on the right has been particularly vicious my entire adult life. Now, though, they are losing their soldiers in one of their favorite fights, and if they are losing them there, maybe folks will reject their message of fear when it comes to race, economics, women, and the LGBT community. It is a long way off, I know, but I suddenly feel better about the odds. Maybe this armistice in the “war on Christmas” will lead to a long lasting peace on all fronts.




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