Drawing Lines and Ego Codex: Now On Kindle!

Kindle DX and Kindle 2

Kindle DX and Kindle 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hey folks! So you know both of my books of poetry are available for sale through CreateSpace. Ego Codex and Drawing Lines are both available through those links on your right. Clicking on either of them will take you to the book’s CreateSpace store and you can purchase your hard copy right there.

If you prefer your Kindle though, and I know I’ve been thinking of buying one, both books are now available for that awesome e-reader. You can purchase Drawing Lines here, and Ego Codex here. Both are available for $2.99, much lower than the price for a hard copy of the book. If you want a hard copy, and want a signed copy, you can always check out my HoA fundraising offers.

Finally, I am a little behind in my work for my next book, but I am editing and formatting now. Candids: Snapshots of the Real Lives of Fictional People is a book of flash fiction, all of it originally appearing here, should be out in the middle of December, and no later than the new year. If you checked out the fundraising link above, you may have noticed you have the opportunity to end up in the acknowledgements for it. How cool would that be to own a signed copy of a book with the author’s thank you in print to show off? Just saying.

That’s all for the self-promotion today. As the serial’s progress I will be putting them in book form as well, both on Kindle and in paper. I hope you read and enjoy those babies, because some of them have been knocking around in my head for a while now and the characters feel like family.



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