Running With The Ball

Liberate Poor Black Trans Women From White Sup...

Liberate Poor Black Trans Women From White Supremacist Capitalist Patriarchy (Photo credit: lgkiii)

I realize that I have been going about certain things the wrong way. Often when I write a post about trans issues, I offer the caveat that HoA is not a trans blog. It is an attempt to make people realize that this blog is about so much more than that. It is a means to reassure readers that there are different posts to come. It is a way to let everyone know I am not just a trans woman. After much reflection, however, and after reading this wonderful article in The Advocate, I realized that like it or not, HoA is a trans blog.

Of course it is a trans blog, it is written by a trans woman, and I need to embrace that, fully. In hedging I am at least suggesting that there is something wrong, or that it is OK to ignore our issues. Well, it is not. These are important issues and we are an oppressed group. We suffer and you need to hear about it. It may make you uncomfortable. It may hold a mirror up and expose your privilege, but it is necessary to do so. I have to be willing to  write about our issues whenever they come up, or really whenever I feel like it, because we deserve to be heard.

I also need to step up more in real life. I am proud of my activism and will continue to fight for any cause I believe in. I will fight for our environment. I will fight to end racism. I will fight for better education for all people, and I will fight for economic justice. I have to start fighting, though, for my queer brothers and sisters, in particular my fellow trans people. It is time I was more engaged in the community. I need to go to more of our events, and I need to organize where I see the need for it. Too many of our young do not know they are loved, as the article linked above points out, and they need to know that. I will work to let them know that. Help them to see they are valued and an important part of our hopes and dreams.

This means no change in the content here, though if it did, I will not apologize for it (though I will forewarn you of it.) It just means that from here on out this is a trans blog that happens to have flash fiction. It is a trans blog that happens to have poetry. It is a trans blog that happens to have fantasy and sci-fi serials. It is a trans blog that also tackles a broad range of other social justice issues. It is, however, in the final analysis, a trans blog. I am going to take that ball and run with it. I am going to write about us and our issues without hesitation, or apology. I will do my best to be a role model for the younger members of our little community, and remind them what they can be, and that they are loved.


What do you think?

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