Attitude of Gratitude Day 9: Naptime


Naptime (Photo credit: emerille)



No, I don’t need one now. In fact I am more awake than I have been this time of day in several weeks. I suppose that is something to be grateful for too, but that is not what I am going to be on about today. Day nine of Attitude  of Gratitude is going to be a simple shout out to one of my favorite activities, the utter lack of activity know as naptime.

It is funny to think about it now. We spend our early years resisting naps. They cut into our play time, I suppose, when we are little and anything that does that is not to be tolerated. We get older though, and as we do so we appreciate a little rest in the middle of the day. The irony, of course is we have less time for them. The once dreaded nap that loomed over our afternoon when we were four is now a precious treasure, the Lost Ark of the Covenant, never to be seen again.

This is hyperbole, I know. We do get naps. They come in just when we need them despite the fact that our society demands we be on the go all the time. So urgent is this push to push ourselves that many never bother to take a half hour or so to just close their eyes in the middle of the day. My friends and I have thankfully learned to resist this urge to ignore this most basic of needs.

I don’t mind at all letting my eyelids droop so I can take a midday trip to dreamland. Usually I find myself recharged and ready to go. Some of my most productive days here at HoA have come after giving myself that little rest before diving into writing a few posts. My brain is no longer groggy afterward and full of ideas, no doubt from the often strange dreams I have.

So here’s to the siesta. Here’s to snoozing. Let’s all give a shout out to the catnap, the powernap, and to “resting our eyes.” It is a luxury that we too often deny ourselves and I am grateful I get to indulge in. Now as soon as Woody gets off of Java’s couch I think I may stretch out.




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