Attitude of Gratitude Day 8: Road Trips

Greyhound, Black and White

Greyhound, Black and White (Photo credit: djupp)


You know, for someone who never learned to drive (one day, I swear it) I sure to do get around a lot.  Part of it is because I have so many excellent friends who are willing to drag me along with them for a trip. Part of it is, the last couple of years I have been lucky enough to be hip deep in the activist community, which requires going from one place to the next a lot. I appreciate it, I do, because it has been an honor and a privilege to see so much of my country.


It may have taken me forty years, but I have twice been to New York City, the City That Never Sleeps.” It was thrilling and each time I was going to be part of something larger than myself. The first time was for Occupy, the second for training with the Working Families Party. I was going not for my gratification, but ended up gratified just the same. I had real bagels (sorry WNY, but we don’t have real bagels, just bagel shaped bread, though it’s sometimes yummy.) I got to explore Central Park and had dinner in a nice restaurant in Columbus Circle despite being a stinky, grungy protester (thank you very much Rheta!)


I have twice been across our country to visit family in Colorado. I got to see the great Midwest and the rolling fields of wheat and corn. I saw much of the same, and herds of bison, on my way to Montana. Each time I got to ride through the great city of Chicago, and even got to enjoy a little of it on my way back from Montana. I have seen beautiful, hidden gems, like Fort Collins and Madison. I have been in sprawling metropolises and communities of just thirteen residents. I have witnessed, first hand, the diversity of our home land.


I have done this on my own, and I have done it in the company of friends. I have, on Greyhound buses, ranged across the nation. In the vans and cars of dear friends I have explored unknown treasures right in my back yard, visiting beautiful communities like Ellicottville and East Aurora. Sometimes we stay and look around, other times we spend our entire time riding the Southern Tier Expressway, watching the hills, lakes, and rivers go by. All the same, it is wonderful for me.


So thank you dear friends who have brought me along with you. Thank you Greyhound for giving me the means to go on my own. Thank you big, wide, amazing world for having so much to show, even though I have barely scratched the surface. I plan on seeing so much more of you before I close my eyes for good.




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