His Weekly Reward

Strip Club Customers Seated at Tip Rail


It has been a long week of sales calls, organizing, putting out small fires, and training people who will probably be promoted ahead of him. Fred rubs his brow before getting out of the car. He still has one more day to go and the headache does not subside. That is why he gives himself Thursday nights. No nagging about deadlines at work, or leaky faucets at home. No, Thursday nights, are about what Fred needs.

He pulls his creaky body out of the ten-year old Camry and heads around the front of the building. The gaudy, pink glow relaxes Fred immediately and he hands the eight bucks to the bouncer gladly. Inside the music is louder than he likes and certainly is not his style, but then they probably are not going to play the Beach Boys here. Once maybe, but not anymore. He heads straight to the bar and orders a beer, paying with a twenty and getting seventeen singles back in change. He leaves one for the bartender. He remembers when she was up on stage.

He takes his seat right in front of that stage, barely registering his image in the mirror. The girls dance for him and the other men, and the occasional woman, and slowly remove their clothes. He and the others gladly hand over their dollar bills for a closer look. What Jenny does not know will not hurt her. It is his money after all. He goes out and deals with the jerks in the office all day, not her.

After an hour he goes to the DJ and forks over two twenties for a private dance. He has picked his favorite girl for the night. Meeting her in the booths in back he sits in the comfy chair as she straddles him, writhing like a cat in heat. She treats him to a face full of young flesh and Fred pushes back any thoughts that this girl is his daughter’s age. It has been so long, and he has become so adept at it, that he no longer needs to actively rationalize that Taylor would never end up like these girls.

No, this is just his little treat. His well-earned reward, and it is nobody else’s damned business. He gives himself this, and will keep on doing so, and he will not feel guilty, even a little.






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