Attitude of Gratitude Day 6: The Bare Necessities


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Nothing should be taken for granted. I have a job, even if it is just part-time. I have a roof over my head. I have food in my belly. I have a bed to sleep in. I am so grateful for this because it could easily go the other way. Too many in our society do not have those, even though we are by far the wealthiest nation on Earth. Given the way I have lived life by the seat of my pants, I know what a privilege it is for me to live so safely now. It may not always be the case. I like my vagabond heart and would not change me for anything, so that means taking risks with those basics. So while I have them, I am grateful for them.

I am grateful that I have a shirt on my back. That despite the fact that I am poor and getting assistance in this country is far more of a chore than those on the right would have you believe I am never without clothing. Because people are generous enough to help out. That, and I can find clothing cheap because while most of our society is still so very wasteful, enough have rejected our throw away culture to donate to places like Volunteers of America or Goodwill.

I do not go hungry, because again I know many generous people. I live in a town where I can eat out relatively cheap. Food is abundant enough, at least in America that I can find it without breaking the bank. I may have to live paycheck to paycheck, but I can live. This is in no small part because I am responsible only for me. I know how lucky I am compared to parents trying to feed not just themselves, but their children making the same money I am.

I get to live in a relatively safe community in a fairly nice house rooming with a kind elderly woman. My rent is cheap, and she even offered rent free, trading chores for housing, but after work that would leave me little time for writing. How many families out there have to decide between feeding their kids and living in a home with enough room for them all? Again, I am so blessed this way.

So many of us are blessed this way, and forget about those that are not. In a week and a half we will sit around our tables, or those of a relative, and gorge ourselves and give thanks. Many of us will be sincere, but how many of us will realize just how much we can take for granted. I am grateful for all the bare necessities, because I am too keenly aware that there are those that do not have them. So please, do not forget this holiday season to help out those who cannot help themselves. Give your extras to those organizations like Volunteers of America that make sure more of us have those necessities. Show your gratitude by giving someone else something to be grateful for.




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