Friday Nite Poetry: View From The Table

Coffee cup

Coffee cup (Photo credit: @Doug88888)


Hello Gentle Readers. Glad to be back for another Friday night poetry. It is cliché, but I do believe coffee shops are some of the best places to write. They are particularly conducive to writing poetry and both of this weeks offerings were written in the best coffee shop in Monroe County (and maybe all of New York) Java Junction. You never know what falling into old habits, or watching old men will bring out.

In The Groove


I had my coffee
followed by my eggs over easy
followed by
yet more coffee

I sit and wait
for that damned difference engine
to work properly
so I can work properly

This all happens
before shuffling off
to my place of employment.


That’s different from “work”

Sure I labor
I earn my keep
so I may keep
a roof over my head

But it is not my work

I don’t get enough time for my work
my labor of lovelabors really

No time to step into that ring
or into the arena
or onstage


Too many minutes
ticking away
in the routines
but without them
I lose momentum

Without them
I cannot work
cannot keep on track
to get to the places
I need to be

Let The Record Show

Hanging out at the Junction
and its question time on C-SPAN
old men yammering at each other
taking the piss
solving the world’s problems
and forgetting
to write
it down

I should do it for them
perform the duties
of faithful
parliamentary stenographer
ave their brilliance
for posterity

Every morsel of wisdom
is lost in the din
of the next six
but that’s OK
because its creator comes up
with three more
by the time the table
has its say

I wonder what they’ll say
two thousand years from now
when they read this record

Will they build
a new ethic on it
even as it refutes itself

I bet they will
I bet they will




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