Attitude of Gratitude Day 4: The Music


English: Line art drawing of the A note Españo...

English: Line art drawing of the A note Español: dibujo en blanco y negro de la nota La corchea, en el pentagrama en clave de sol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


All of it. I mean all of it. Even the stuff I don’t like, because it fills somebody’s life with joy. Music makes the world just a little nice and if it were to go away I am sure none of us would want to live on it. Not that it would go away. Take away our stereos, radio stations, iPods, and music streaming services on our computers and I am pretty sure we would still keep tapping our feet and humming, creating music of our own.

I need my music. I need something in the back ground setting the tone. It can be just about anything but I usually get in specific moods for listening. I love just about any kind, though contemporary country-western grates on me. I can listen to jazz, folk, pop, hip-hop, metal, r+b, bluegrass, and almost anything else you care to name. I sometimes listen to put myself in a better mood, and other times I listen to remind myself that the universe is a deep, sometimes sad, but always beautiful place.

My heavy metal pumps me up for work. It is way better than a cup of coffee and if I need to be appropriately outraged when writing a post, that is the way to go. Hip hop can also do the same for me, though not as aggressively and it usually makes me more pensive

Jazz lets me relax after a stressful day. Nothing soothes an angry heart like Thelonius Monk playing “April in Paris.” Nothing reminds me of the existence of unrestrained joy like Mingus’s “Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting.”  No other music has such a broad range of effects on me.

Trance, pop, and yes even dub step are essential to me if I am going to dance. They allow me to let out my sensual side and frankly I do not do that publicly anywhere near enough. None of us should be afraid to show that side of ourselves and listening to this in a club lets me do just that. It makes me feel alive and attractive and I get to little of that, especially the latter.

Classical music reminds me how wonderful the human mind can be. That composers could create plans for mass groups of divergent instruments played by different people and bring it all together is proof how brilliant we are. Classic rock is just good old-fashioned fun and if you cannot get down to it, I am not certain you have a soul (jk, yo.)

So thank you, all of you musicians and composers out there. Today I am so grateful for all of you. You share your talents with us not just to make a buck, but because you are compelled to, and in doing so, provide the music that soothes this savage beast. Keep playing, singing, and writing, and I will keep on listening.




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