Something New

Cover of Astounding Science Fiction that carri...

Cover of Astounding Science Fiction that carried the first segment of the serialized novel in February, 1956 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the interest of offering you a little more of my creative writing,and of returning to an old love of mine, I am going to be writing regular pieces as a part of a serialized story. Actually, I am going to be running a few serialized stories. Each will have the serial’s name in the tags and as a category. Some are going to be newer ideas, others are going to be older ones returned to life. In any case I hope you like them. Here are a few of the stories I will be working on.
Book of Doors: Detective Gary Garmond is more than he seems. The aging, gay gumshoe knows more than a little bit about the supernatural. Maybe a lot more than a little bit. He and his right hand man, the rough, smart, and gorgeous Hector, uncover horrific plots in Rochester and the rest of Western New York.

Red, Hot Aether: Sheila wakes up in a train wreck. The problem is, it is no kind of train, on no kind of world, that she recognizes. Gone is her home in Brooklyn as she tries to make sense of a world in which people get around almost instantaneously from one end of the world to the next by Aether-rail, and in which the cities are otherwise isolated from each other by vast expanses of wilderness populated by strange beasts.

Zaphyr and Zox: In a fantasy world populated by goblins, faeries and dragons, mercenary Zox Penthalaus finds himself protecting the young Ban Sidhe, Zaphyr, that he was sent to capture.

Finally I have a tiny notion of several super hero serials that will be part of a shared continuity that takes place in a future which sees mankind spread across the solar system, but I have yet to flesh that out at all. I hope you enjoy these stories as they come out. Here’s to good fun, good fantasy and good writing (I hope!)

Oh, and one final note before we go. Please, let me know in the comments which of these series you are most excited about.


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