Answer Early 14dpo

Answer Early 14dpo (Photo credit: nadzent)


Jesse sits in the living room trying to watch the game. He cannot focus on it though. His knees bounce in front of him a hundred times a second it seems and he taps his fingers nervously on the chair’s arms. He swallows hard and makes a deliberate effort not to look in the direction of the stairs. He does not want to think about what is up there or, more importantly, what news may come down from that bathroom.

He has too much going on now, he tells himself. He cannot afford this. He and Brandon just got the shop off the ground and they are so in the red it makes him dizzy just to think about it. It is all worth it though, because he and his oldest friend get to pursue their dream. Now it all promises to come crashing down around him all because of one night of recklessness after a wedding.

It is not that he does not love Chelsea. He does. That is why he asked her to move in. That is why he lets her drag him to all her friends weddings. She is great and she never mentions at any of them that she hopes that they get their day one day  soon. She encouraged him when he quit his stable, fairly high paying job when he still owed on his mortgage to open a comic book shop. She is fantastic and that is why he loves her so much, why he let himself get caught up in the passion in the fancy hotel after too much wine, even knowing the doctor told her to lay off the birth control for a month.

She walks down the stairs slowly. Jesse turns to meet her gaze and for the first time since they met he cannot read her face. Is she happy? Is she sad? What does the damn white stick she his holding say? He looks down and sees the minus sign. He tries to suppress the sigh of relief. Looking up, he knows exactly the message he sent, and how she has taken it.




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