Attitude of Gratitude Day 1: All In The Family

Gratitude is the single most important ingredi...

OK, I’ll bite. I know it is halfway through the month now and I am getting to it late, which, along with the fact that I fancy myself a writer, is the reason I will be devoting entire posts to whatever I am grateful for. Indeed, every day through Thanksgiving I will write something new about something for which I feel thankful. Don’t worry, I will still be yammering away about the things that need changing. Heck I will probably put up a post how wonderful it is to have the opportunity to do that. Not today though. Today I have something else in mind.

More accurately I have someone else in mind. Even more accurately, I have two someone elses in mind. Today I want to let you know how grateful I am for my siblings. I am truly fortunate to have the best brother and sister anyone could ever ask for. I know I did not always act that way. Hell, when I was little, I probably didn’t even think that way, but they are great and a world without them would be one not worth living in.

I really cannot understate how awesome they are. I am not the easiest person to have for a big sister. Without beating up on myself too much I have to admit, it has to be rough. I am impulsive. I am opinionated. I am reckless. Sometimes I am even irresponsible. I am outright weird, and love to draw attention to it, and I know they have to hear about it at least once in a while (and if not, I guess I have something else to be grateful for.) I mean, over all, I know I am an okay, even a really cool, person, but boy am I hard work sometimes. I’ll be the first to admit it.

Knowing all that they have stuck with me through thick and thin. They have been there to catch me when my impulsiveness has caused me to stumble. They have defended me when my stubborn righteousness or oddball behavior has caused others to complain. Never have they ever made me feel unwanted in their homes. Quite the opposite. They have always let me know what a joy it is to have me around, and I believe them because, like me, they have no compunctions about dropping an uncomfortable truth on someone, no matter how much they love them.

This may all seem obvious to some people, but I know too many trans women out there do not get to enjoy the love and support of their families. Often the best we can expect is to not be outright loathed. I get better than that, because I have the best little brother and sister in the world. They have given me the five most awesome nephews and nieces an aunt could ever hope for, which gets me to two other things they make me grateful for. I am thankful for the fact they have raised their kids to be so open about gender identity and roles, and that they are just giving me hope for the future with all the attitudes they are instilling into those little boogies (and yes, the almost twenty year old is still a little boogie to his Aunt Tina.)

So thank you Bear and Sissy (yeah I know I haven’t called you that in, oh, thirty years.) Life would suck without you. It would definitely be boring and a lot harder than it needs to be. Thank you for sticking with your crazy big sister, and for being walking, talking proof that the world is not an irredeemably bad place. In fact, you are proof that it is a pretty darn cool place. I love you both.


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