Friday Nite Poetry: Unknown


Hot Gas in Galactic Center: Chandra Turns Up t...

I have not written off the cuff here for some little while. I figured I would go for it tonight. While I have you here I recommend you check out the work of Ed Pavlic. I got to hear him read at SUNY Brockport’s Writer’s Forum and he was fantastic. Not many people would do a poem combining the life and words of John Coltrane and an appreciation for astrophysics, but Ed did and pulls it off beautifully. I hope my words, inspired by that choice of subject matter a bit, come even close to what he has to offer.


I am dark matter
my presence unmistakable
but completely incapable
of being understood

I move through your space
around you
through you
permeating you
and pulling you along
quite against both of our wills

You feel my effect
as it affects you
slowing you
or flinging you
past the safe orbit
you set out to fly

I drag myself a long

Because I am as unknowable
to myself
as I am to you
blind and invisible
and utterly undeniable
choosing my course at random
because how else is it done

That is just how the cosmos works
denying it does not make it less real
and so I just meander
dragging you
and everyone else with me
on my long
around the galactic center
spiraling inward
reaching outward
pulling you toward me
as we push away.

You won’t see me
you can’t
and if you could
you might
just want to drift forever
with me
as me
for me
and despite me
as I expand
dragging entire clusters
along with me

And you still won’t know




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