Awkward Affection

English: SAN DIEGO (May 6, 2010) Master-at-Arm...

English: SAN DIEGO (May 6, 2010) Master-at-Arms  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know that the governor’s race in Virginia was sort of a win for progressives, or at least for the Democratic party. I have a hard time seeing it in too positive a light though. Cuccinelli did far better than a man with such radical conservative views should have done. Remember, this is a man who was clear in his desire to make homosexuality outright criminal again. That is not the view of someone who just happens to disagree with LGBT equality on religious grounds. This is the position of a religious zealot declaring holy war on those he hates. That Virginians did not dismiss him outright is problematic.

It is almost as problematic as the overconfident signing of the Tea Party’s death warrant. As has pointed out elsewhere, Chris Christie is no moderate. He plays mostly by the Tea Party play book. He just happened to play nice with the “Kenyan Socialist” once because his state desperately needed FEMA money. Over all, while they may have lost, they did not, for the most part, lose in overwhelming numbers. The only place a Democrat trashed a Republican was in NYC where a real progressive was running against a real moderate.

No, the Tea Party and its anti-government message is not gone yet. It will probably be with us for a while. One of the more worrisome aspects of all this for me is that anti-government message, as juxtaposed against their obvious love of the military and police forces.  You cannot get more obvious examples of state power than those two institutions, yet Conservative America loves it some authority figures with a gun. I would say it confuses me, but not really. It is all too obvious where the hate for other government and the love of government might come from.

None of this will be particularly new to some of you. I suspect I have some smart readers out there. The reason for their love of police forces and military and their hate for other government is simple: racism. Oh, it’s not alone. It can be mixed up with classism too, and internalized economic oppression. Non-military and non-law-enforcement expenditures go to “those” people (not really.) Military and law-enforcement goes into keeping “those” people in check. So long as we are bombing brown people over there, and cracking there heads over here, the Tea Party “revolutionaries” will never advocate for reigning in our cops.

So we end up with people who cheer lead for the grossest forms of state power, while encouraging the watering down of all other state power. I hope that it is lost on none of you that doing the latter will increase the “need” for the former. So their twisted logic still does not leave them any safer from “those” people. They get so caught up with their hate of the other that they are willing to make themselves less safe from them. It is such an intense, and irrational, urge that I for one, am not willing to dismiss it in the polls next Fall.

Do not mistake this for a loathing of law enforcement or military personal. I believe, despite the fact that both institutions in this country need such drastic reforms that the required effort to enact them could be described as Herculean. That said, the individuals did not make the system, though I wish more wold challenge it. No, my problem is with people who are more afraid of their fellow Americans than they are the parts of government that actually do pose a real potential threat to them.  Such bigotry, and the lack of reason that creates and intensifies it, threatens all of our safety, and we need to be ever vigilant against those whose hate trumps their ability to act in a rational manner.


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