Easy As Pie

American Flag

American Flag (Photo credit: ctj71081)

There are no lines at the middle school. When he gets to the conference room it is just him and the inspectors. They patiently wait while he guides himself in with his walker and the ones that know him greet Mitch with wide smiles. He is not in a rush, not anymore. He does not have to get right back to work after casting his vote, just back to his little house where only his parakeet awaits him. Joanie has been gone for so long now. So he takes his time.

Even when he was rushed he still made the time. It was his duty, his honor, and his privilege. At least, that is how he sees it. It does not take much, just a few minutes out of his day to see what the bastards are up to, and maybe, just maybe mind you, see if there is one of them worth a damn. It is all right there for everyone to find, especially these days with the internet. Mitch dearly loves the internet. He is not a Luddite like some of the guys that visit the senior center.

It seems sad to him that they do not take the time. They do not take the time to vote, or learn anything new. It is like they hate anything young, and to them any computer is young. Not Mitch though, he loves it. He loves the kids too, and not just his own. The others groan and complain but Mitch remembers that they never got out and did this one easy thing either. He watches these kids, sees how they get worked up, and he knows those two years of hell in Korea were worth it. They know what America is supposed to be about, even if he does not agree with all their ideas.

So he gets out, every first Tuesday in November, and does what he knows he is supposed to, what we all should. He does it for Jones, Boroweicz, and Smitty, the guys who only made it home in a box. He does it for these amazing kids, to lead by example. It only takes a few minutes, and it is the least he can do.


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