Your Right Does Not Mean You’re Right

English: No racism Lietuvių: Ne rasizmui

English: No racism Lietuvių: Ne rasizmui (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


So, another Halloween has come and gone and while I had a lovely time, and kept it light, for the most part, yesterday there are some things that bother me that I need to get off my chest. Actually a really big thing I need to get off my chest. In the past I have expressed my displeasure with cultural appropriation during this holiday. Apparently after seeing so much written about that last year, people of privilege decided they were going to fight back. They weren’t going to take this bullying by ethnic and racial minorities anymore. This year, they decided to go full on black face. This included a video by a popular comedienne, an ugly tirade by a couple of white girls, and a thoroughly disgusting Trayvon/Zimmerman duo.

The popular refrain, of course, whenever this schmucks pull this kind of stunt goes something like this: “it’s my first amendment right.” Yeah thanks genius. I may not be a lawyer but I did tutor Constitutional Law and I know what your right to speech is. And you are absolutely correct they do have that right. I, and the rest of civilized, decent society also have the right to call you a brain-dead scumwad for your behavior. It’s fun the way free speech works, isn’t it?

We can also count on apologists telling us we don’t get the comedienne’s humor. I love that one. Because dragging out a century and a half routine designed to belittle a disenfranchised population is sooooooo groundbreaking. Really, it must have taken a whole fifteen seconds worth of reflection and effort to come up with that one. It is so brave too! Standing up to all those people insisting that maybe we treat people who have historically been shit on with some dignity. Way to step up and draw that line in the sand.

The whining by these people, and doesn’t it just remind you a little of the bitching by a certain rape joke loving “funny” man last year. is the only thing humorous about them. Like a typical bully they can’t take getting popped back in the mouth. They run to mommy and daddy (sometimes literally, sometimes metaphorically in the form of their insipid fan base) and cry about how those big meanies are making fun of them. True to form, mommy, daddy, and their friends (ie other performers who don’t approve, but support their “right” to their act, or who insist we don’t get them) step up between them and the rest of us. All of a sudden we are called bullies because we want to stifle their right to speech.

Which is laughable. They have the mic. How the hell are we stifling them at all? Go ahead exercise your freedom of speech. We’re just telling our friends they may not want to associate with people who engage in your kind of talk. We are letting like-minded people they may not want to support your act. We are calling out behavior we disagree with. We are exercising our freedom speech by speaking the truth as we see it, and that truth is you are an asshole.

Harsh? Maybe. But you have no problem being harsh to others, so I am sure you understand. Or maybe you just don’t get it.





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