The Day We Take Off Our Masks



Halloween (Photo credit: Pedro J. Ferreira)

Happy Halloween gentle readers! I hope you all get a lot of candy this year (that goes for you adults too!) We officially kick of the “holiday season” today and while I will not say it is my favorite holiday, if only because I have gotten in the bad habit of declaring that with all of them, I will say it is really hard not to love today. Today is a day for celebrating the strange and unknown. It is a day for laughing at the things that frighten us. For most it is a day for putting on masks, for some of us though it is a day for taking them off, which is another reason for loving this day.


You see, for a long time Halloween was the only day of the year I could get away with being me. It was the only time I could go out in public wearing a dress and make up and have it be accepted. I imagine after a while people may have suspected something, but that was alright, because I was still allowed, but just on that day. I have no hard data, but I suspect that is true of a lot of my fellow trans people.


This day, every year, I got to take my first public steps as a woman, even if I never said that was what I was doing. I had exactly this one day a year and it was nice to put on those heels, hang out at the bar, or with friends in their home, and not have to worry that I might get beat up, at least not any more than anyone else on a night with wandering drunks in masks.


I remember the first time I seriously got done up for it. My dress was terrible, though at least it fit nice and two lady friends that all my roommates wanted to sleep with because of their model good looks decided to do my hair and make up. I looked pretty damn fantastic if I do say so myself, although really, I owe that to Stacia and Serena. It was also kind of funny and cool how jealous most of the guys were that I was getting so much attention from the two of them.


I suppose, in a way, a lot of cis folk take Halloween as an opportunity to unmask as well. With the exception, I hope, of folks dressing up as serial killers, it is an opportunity to show a hidden part of their true selves. They get to be the exhibitionist they would usually be shamed for, or pretend to be that avenging cowboy hero. We all, I guess, get a chance to show who we really want to be, if only a little.


So go out! Get dressed up and don’t let the kids have all the fun. Unmask yourselves. Especially my trans sisters and brothers, and especially those of you who are out now. We get to show the other parts of ourselves now, and not just the inner man or woman we hid every other time of the year for so long. Oh, and don’t forget to brush your teeth after all that candy!




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