“You Can’t Take The Sky From Me”

Serenity (Firefly episode)

Serenity (Firefly episode) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Take my love
take my land
take me where
I cannot stand
I don’t care
if I’m still free
you can’t take
the sky from me

Brrrrrr… I still get shivers every time I hear that. I promised you guys a lighter post, so here you go. Being a huge sci-fi geek I have about a million titles of books, series, movies, and games to choose from. I know I have touched on Marvel Comics, Doctor Who, Superman, Star Wars and Dungeons and Dragons, but today I would like to discuss a more recent love of mine.

I would love to be able to claim that I was a Firefly fan right out of the gates, but I am somewhat ashamed to say that is not the case. I say somewhat because I did not have the time to watch at first, and the my introduction to the series was the episode Safe, you know, the one that starts with them unloading cattle from a space ship? The whole scene seemed too silly for me and I thought Joss had lost his mind so I switched the channel. I should have had more faith.

Years later I got the opportunity to watch the movie that was spawned from the series: Serenity. I was so angry at myself for not giving the series the chance I should have. It was a beautiful movie with action, comedy, a little romance, and the kind of message that resonates so well with those of us who love to tilt at windmills. It got me excited and it got me angry because I could see something like what happens in the movie happening in the real world (without space ships and space barbarians.)

It piqued my interest and my friend, Aaron, who introduced me to it explained some of the back stories of the characters as we watched. I kicked myself again for not giving Joss the benefit of the doubt and while one viewer would not have made the difference, I blamed myself, just a little, for the plug being pulled on it. I desperately needed to see the back stories of these characters I had come to love over the course of two hours. While this was before the time of Netflix streaming service, Hulu was all too happy to indulge me.

In the fourteen episodes I got to see, which is all any of us got to see, I fell completely in love. The world(s) created in that show were rich and realistic. Villains were not as bad as they seemed (yet somehow worse at the same time) and the good guys were smeared with dirt, both literal and metaphorical. I came to love and hate characters (Jayne and YoSafBridge) at the same time. I wanted to be as graceful and beautiful as Inara, as wide-eyed and innocent as Kaylee, as devoted as Simon, as tough as Zoe, as clever as Wash, as caring as Book, and of course, as determined as Mal. These people got utterly inside of me, and there is no shaking them out now.

The cleverness of the setting also helped. A bilingual world of American-English and Mandarin with smatterings of other cultures. The casual dropping of Mandarin phrases in the middle of a dialogue added a certain je ne sais quoi to the whole enterprise (errrr… you know what I mean.) It was a world of many worlds and not just in the astronomical sense. You had shining, if cold, pillars of civilization in the core worlds. A neo-aristocracy in worlds like Persephone and of course the backwater worlds where in a setting full of laser guns and spaceships people got by on horse and buggy. There was so much we could have explored with Joss and the gang had we been given the chance.

Fans still hold out hope that we will get to see Serenity fly once more. I doubt it. Joss has gotten a second wind bringing the Marvel Universe to life for us, and I am grateful for it. The Avengers was great and what I have seen of Agents of Shield, with my limited processing power on my computer and ill-fitting schedule, I have liked. No, our intrepid survivors of the Unification War are done, at least in live action production. Maybe we will get lucky and get an animated series out of that (and hey, back to Trek, that worked for Gene and company for a while.) Either way we got our ride and had our fun and have plenty of good memories out of it. We fans can create what we want with it now, and in that Joss has given us a heck of a gift. Maybe I will write some fan fiction for you guys, or maybe I’ll just go to Hulu so Joss can take me out to the black.




2 thoughts on ““You Can’t Take The Sky From Me”

  1. There actually have been a slew of comic adaptations of the characters and setting that have broadened beyond the main stories. And fan fiction from the Hand of Ananke would be awesome! I see submissions for the next FFF already! ~ Aaron

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