Stain At Home

Common Household Stains

Common Household Stains (Photo credit: herzogbr)

Gravy dribbles down Hank’s chin and on to his well-worn Oakland Raiders tee. He shovels the frozen turkey dinner in, grunting happily as he chews away. His boys are up on San Diego right now which is all he needs to be happy. Candy wrappers surround his decades old recliner in an otherwise spotless living room and for the time being it does not bother him.

Eventually it will. Sooner or later his boys will have a bad call made against them or lose the game. Worse, the hated Broncos may win their game and for Hank there’s nothing so unjust. His blissful state will crumble away and Peg will get the brunt of it. It’s her own fault for not cleaning the place the way it ought to be. It’s like she forgets that his recliner is part of the living room. She avoids it, and him on Sunday, just because he gets a little rambunctious.

He’s never hit her, at least, he doesn’t think so. That’s why he’s so confused. It’s not like they couldn’t  replace the few things he’s broken, well except her mother’s china but why something like that’s so important completely escapes him. He wipes the gravy from his face with the tee and calls out for more beer.

Peg gets it to him right away. At least she’s good for that. She never bore him children and then said maybe the doc was right about it being something wrong with him. Hank never hit Peg, but he came real close that day. How could she shame him like that? In front of the doctor no less. No, Peg is just barren and he should have found himself a woman who could do her duty, but instead he stays with her because that’s what God intended, not that Hank ever goes to church.

She walks into the living room just as the Chargers pick up a fumble for a touchdown. Hank jumps out of the chair screaming dropping the dinner in the same old spot. Peg looks down at the floor before turning back to the kitchen to grab the cleaning supplies. She tries not to think too much about the stain.


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