Of Mice and Memes

OK then, Christine’s got her grumpy back (don’t worry, I’ll post about Firefly, fashion or something later, and Friday Nite Poetry is coming up.) I suppose Facebook is a good place for that. The internet in general is a good place for that. I am not about to start in and give fuel to the idea that the internet is causing us to be anti-social, because I believe the opposite is true, but it is giving anti-social narcissists a stage, and some of us have unwittingly made ourselves a reluctant audience for them.

Some people like to use their Facebook time to beat up on the poor. I read post update after update bemoaning the fact that “my hard-earned tax dollars” are going to “those” people.  Leaving aside the blatant racism in all this, because some of them will claim to know that many of the people on welfare are white (indeed what few cheats there are probably belong to the melanin-challenged crowd considering white people make up a larger portion of those on welfare than they do those that qualify for it, go figure) the outright cruelty displayed borders on sociopath behavior. Witness this beauty.

This, by the way, is one of the less cruel images I have seen out there. I see cherry picking of the few bad apples out there, some less than credible eyewitness accounts of how easy welfare cases have it, and of course the insistence that if poor people have anything at all they should not be on welfare. The absolute certainty of their moral superiority over those less fortunate than them is chiseled into their stoney hearts. The man above could not have possibly had those five kids when he had a decent job and a seemingly bright future. No, his situation is one obviously created by his lack of personal responsibility.

Because these people are all about personal responsibility.  They never post about how terrible their lives are. They never post about how unfairly they are treated. They never post about how their, or their friends’, bosses screwed them over. They never post an entire weekend of debauchery followed by confusion why they are achy and/or broke. I hope this paragraph, among other much  more important points, has made us all aware of the desperate need of a font. I suggest Jokerman.

There are plenty of folk sharing this stuff that do not fit the above paragraph but the sheer volume of such examples I see on my news feed make me think there is a pattern here. Personally I would like to see some legit study into this (looking your way oh folks who put out the research on call backs of white sounding v. black sounding names in the job market.) Because this speaks to a deep problem among (yes) white America, at least among its conservatives.

The inability to connect ones behavior with ones attitudes, the mind bending cognitive dissonance you have to engage in, makes it impossible for you to be a credible participant in public discussion. Oh, by all means, discuss away, I just know you should not be taken seriously, even a little. Which may hurt your privileged little feelings. I now some of you reading from the Book of Face may decide to unfriend me over this. My feelings will not be wounded in the least, but you will be. Because you will, once again, be denying yourself the opportunity to hear anything outside your “it’s all the Blacks/poors/Muslims/Queers” echo-chamber. You will baste in the juices of your loathing, making your world, and yourself, miserable in the process. Believe it or not, I want better for you, and you might find it, if you wanted better for your neighbors.


What do you think?

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