Friday Nite Poetry: Anyplace I Can Find It

Treasure Map 8

Treasure Map 8 (Photo credit: Mike Rohde)

Hello Gentle Readers. Sometimes being without your computer can be a boon. It was, briefly, this morning. I was forced to sit in my favorite coffee shop and find something to write about without the interwebs to inspire me because War Machine (that’s my laptop, with which I wage war against the forces of ignorance, cruelty, and greed) was being a bit poopy (a technical term.) I found my inspiration instead from a door and a glass of water and came up with these, I hope you like them.

Pushing Out

Hand prints smudged
across the big glass door
create a record
of every transaction

More than that though
they are evidence
of lives lived in a rush
too hurried
too worried
to use the handle

We push our way out
of the tiny shop
as if it were
a cunning and comfy trap
designed to hold us
from the oh so important
scurrying of our daily lives.


Melts away
Little Reminder
That I prefer drinking poison
Killing my kidneys one sip of coffee at a time

These habits
Maybe tomorrow
Or perhaps the day after that
For now I let myself enjoy the familiar


What do you think?

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