Bring Da Noise!

James "Munky" Shaffer

James “Munky” Shaffer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, um, yeah, kinda gotten a little heavy around here lately. Sorry about that. Life’s just been that way. I do remember once promising you I would not do that so much. I remember telling you I was going to share random posts about the things I love, and while I have done a little of that lately, it has been tinged with more than a little seriousness and sometimes you got to let that go. So I will stop being so heavy by getting really, really heavy. Metal that is.

Because I freakin’ love heavy metal! All kinds all generations and most bands. I can dig Korn, I get into Kittie, you gotta appreciate Ozzy and Sabbath, and while they are more prog than metal Tool is my all time favorite. So many great acts bringing that crunchy goodness and I just cannot get enough!

My tastes in music have always been varied, but when it comes down to it, my heart belongs first and foremost to punk and metal. I mean, how can you not revel in the sheer, manic energy of it all? Jumping around a pit, getting thrown this way and that by your fellow fans as Munky shreds low and hard on his guitar is the definition of catharsis.

And the lyrics! My god the lyrics! They range from the truly childish and outright fun to inspiring anthems of rebellion against a corrupt system. They are wild, howling parties and gritty dirges honoring those that have gone before. They shock and dare you to see the world in all its gory truth. The very best open up our eyes as they have never been opened before and the worst are still pretty darn fun if for no other reason they are so utterly irreverent.

Some of you may think all metal sounds the same, and I will be nice and spare you my normal epithets I have for people like you. I guess it is not your fault that you cannot handle the subtle differences between the great acts and the obvious ones that separate the primal, native Meso-American inspired sound of Sepultura from the dystopian nightmare of Alice in Chains. That’s your loss.

Because the rest of us are throwing ourselves into it with abandon. It is our relief, or release and our refueling. It is what keeps me ready to pound away on the keyboard everyday fighting and it puts a big stupid grin on my face at the end of it. I will keep jumping and thrashing and carrying on so long as the Gods of Metal continue to bring the noise. Maybe if you have the stomach for it, you can learn to lose yourself to it too!


What do you think?

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